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What Makes Us Different

We go to work every day with one goal: TO CREATE A DIFFERENCE THAT MATTERS. 

There are lots of companies out there who can cut, bend and weld steel. Who can manufacture pressure vessels, who can go out and buy the latest technology or a bigger crane, who can promise more than they can deliver. We strive to do what we say we're going to do when we say we're going to do it and to treat everyone: employees, customers, vendors and subcontractors the way we want to be treated: with honesty, integrity and fairness. 

Unless all parties receive value from a transaction, the relationship between those parties can't last for very long. Our goal is to create long-term, value-added relationships with all our customers.  We want to work for you today, tomorrow, next year and ten years from now.

Are we perfect? Of course not. We devote considerable effort to minimize and eliminate error. And when we do make a mistake, we stand behind our work and immediately push towards a solution that fulfills our customer's needs and expectations.  

New Industries never tries to be all things to everyone. We focus on what we do well and are honest about our capabilities and limitations. We'd rather take a chance on disappointing a customer by turning down a project than take on a project and disappoint that customer by failing to fulfill our promise of project performance or deliver the project late.

Let us make a difference for you.