The state-of-the-art labs will be deployed to minimize oil spill response time.

MORGAN CITY, LA – New Industries, Inc. has announced the delivery of two laboratories and two operational modules to CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc. (CSA). The mobile laboratories, outfitted with oil spill water monitoring equipment, instrumentation, and supplies, are designed to minimize response time for marine environmental operations and enable rapid mobilization of required equipment to an oil spill incident.

New Industries is an industry frontrunner in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art service modules that provide laboratory, storage, and operational space for offshore use. The modules are certified structurally to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) 2.7-1 standards, the most stringent in the world, as well as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) container safety standards, ensuring the highest quality in offshore safety and handling.

The mobilization-ready modules, commonly referred to as “vans” or “cabins,” are manufactured at the New Industries facility in Morgan City, La. In addition to meeting DNV and ABS container safety standards, the modules are A60 fire rated and have been outfitted with a fire and general alarm system that complies with the latest U.S. Coast Guard standards. Due to the potential hazards posed by a laboratory environment, New Industries supplemented customary module construction with the inclusion of loss of oxygen sensors and the assurance of proper air changes for personnel in order to maximize safety.

"This was an exciting and challenging project to take on," said New Industries Project Manager John Flores. “It's comforting to know we provided CSA with more than just standard laboratories and operational vans. We provided them with units they can feel safe in while operating in harsh environments offshore."

“New Industries has the level of expertise and sophistication required to incorporate both functionality and safety into these mobile units,” said CSA Senior Scientist Jodi Harney. “This program will enable CSA to more safely and effectively provide marine environmental services for spill response."